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"commandN" is an artist initiative organization with a core group of 16 members all dedicated to Contemporary Art. Through unique art projects and cross-disciplinary and organically formed networks such as the “powwow” talk sessions and various other activities, the group nurtures a form of communication practically engaging both sides of transmission and reception. command N takes its name from the short cut key of a Macintosh computer, and pursues a freshness, something NEW in the everyday.>

As my body is encircled by this work, I feel an ambiguous embarrassment in that my desire has taken shape. Yet at the same time a feeling of fellowship begins to emerge with those wearing these forms. Perhaps “wife san” will become a new type of matchmaking service? (Masato Nakamura)
<Selected Artist>Tomomi Ohzone


大曽根朝美|Tomomi OHZONE
Born 1982, Ibaraki. In her main project“ I wonder if I can make a hundred friends Ohzone creates stuffed toy like “waifu san”, which function as participatory art works, being lent to viewers to tie around their bodies and walk through the streets. Group exhibitions include “Awake New Mind” 2006 (Galerie Omotesando) and Happy Maker 2008-2009 (Koyasan, Wakayama) amongst many others.

"Wife san" (From the project "Can I make 100 friends?")2010
cloth, cotton
Courtesy of the Artist

When talking about something that is not before my eyes, as I imagine this I begin to question its meaning. Before my eyes there were little girls with wheels beneath their feet gliding along the concrete. I hope they will not forget to walk. I hope they will not become like cars. My inspiration falls from things like this. Things which have been dropped are very special. Tokyo is a place full of such lost and found.

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