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As ASYL has come to be based at 3331 this exhibition presents the work of myself, Naoki Sato in collaboration with Daijiro Ohara, a typographic work approaching the letters/characters of the world, in an improvised staging, the outcome of which we can not be certain. 3331 is a place for arts, not art. But what is the nature of this plurality? Where is the intersection of art and design? What does it mean to carry out activity in Tokyo? These are particularly fervent questions for me.(Naoki Sato)
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大原大次郎|Daijiro OHARA
Born 1977, Sagamihara, Kanagawa. Graduated from Master Course of Tama Art University 2003. In 2001 she was awarded the Motone Kunio prize at the 6th Showa Shell Oil Contemporary Art Competition. In 2003 she was awarded a prize at “VOCA 2003”, held at The Ueno Royal Museum. In 2010 she received the Kinutani Koji award. Since 2009 she has been active as a promoter for her home town of Sagamihara.

"shonen typo" 2009
blackboard, dermatograph, chalk, acrylic
Courtesy of the Artist

There are many references to Tokyo in the songs of Japanese bands.
Tokyo Ballerina by SPARTA LOCALS is particularly good.
Kosei made this song when he first came to Tokyo, joking that “We have to put Tokyo in the title of one of our songs”.
When you lose your courage, listen to a good song, thrust your fist in the air, and clumsily become like a street performer.

Minority, Minority spinning around
Minority, Minority breathing exhaust fumes its laughable
Minority, Minority irony is not unrequired
Minority, Minority we are Tokyo Ballerinas
Wow Wow

Extract from Tokyo Ballerina Sparta Locals
Lyrics and Music by Kosei Abe

佐藤直樹|Naoki SATO

Born 1961, Tokyo. After graduating from Hokkaido University of Education, he went on to study at Sociology of Education and Sociolinguistics at Shinshu University. He also completed course in painting at art school under Mokuma Kikuhata. After engaging in various occupations from manual work to editing, he began activity as a designer. Sato is active as Artistic Director of Wired Japan, editor-in-chief of design media NEUT., producer of CET (Central East Tokyo) and engaged in many recently formed initiatives. Head of ASYL. Professor of Tama Art University.

"Typefaces for Ensembles 09" 2009
graphic data
Courtesy of the Artist

I was born in Tokyo but quickly moved to Uraga, and went on to move to one place after another, around 30 times. Now I am in Tokyo but I do not know what is next. Tokyo is a place which never stops changing, so for someone like me who can never sit still, it is a comfortable place. I am also working in other regions but I am always being taught something here so I feel guilty. But I always try to find something useful in what I receive. Change or no change: it is not a case of what is good or bad - recently I have come to think that they supplement each other. Even in Tokyo there are many things which do not change. Since coming to work in the East of Tokyo I have become aware of this. But this will probably change as well.

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