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Art is always the greatest embodiment of the reality of “here and now”, and it is from this point we take our lead. The now of Tokyo is our starting point and the 4 artists selected for this exhibition can be said to be an embodiment of this.(Kosai Hori)
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Yuka Ohtani Toru Kuwakubo Ryosuke Hara Hajime Mizutani

As ASYL has come to be based at 3331 this exhibition presents the work of myself, Naoki Sato in collaboration with Daijiro Ohara, a typographic work approaching the letters/characters of the world, in an improvised staging, the outcome of which we can not be certain. (Naoki Sato)
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Daijiro Ohara Naoki Sato

Tanikado Arts presents here 3 young artists who take as the source of their creative production the things that can not be seen by the eye, the phenomenon that can not be sensed in the everyday and whom take an approach to Tokyo as a city whose real condition can never be captured, a condition which is dream like and beyond our grasp.(Ayako Tanikado)
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Nana Kuromiya Sachiyo Tsurumi Kohei Yamashita

g³/ gallery
Here we present artists who tackle the issue of Tokyo's multiple elements of heterogeneity and transmission and whom have captured a response to our questioning in their work.(Shigeo Goto)
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Norihito Ogata Taisuke Ogata Hideki Nakajima Miyuki Mitsui

Bambinart Gallery
Here we present the personal utopia of Risa Kohno and strange depictions of human-animals of Yu Kimachi. We introduce the 2-D works of these artists, who despite living in the same city undertake their own unique response to this environment.(Kei Yoneyama)
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Yu Kimachi Risa Kohno

+81 Gallery+Lab
Here we present the work of Hideki Inaba, whose graceful expression containing a near insubstantial intricacy, reflects the certain refinement of Tokyo. Having worked together over 14 years, we are pleased to present Hideki Inaba on a new stage. (Satoru Yamashita)
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Hideki Inaba

BOCTOK produces a wide range of creative contents including Illustration, magazines, websites, moving image and exhibitions and here presents a collaboration between  Gabin Ito and EUREKA COMPUTER, promoters of e-sports, encouraging an original form of sports engagement. Throughout the exhibition the sports court will be used for various site-specific events.
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Gabin Ito Eureka Computer

Artist Initiative command N
As my body is encircled by this work, I feel an ambiguous embarrassment in that my desire has taken shape. Yet at the same time a feeling of fellowship begins to emerge with those wearing these forms. Perhaps “wife san” will become a new type of matchmaking service?(Masato Nakamura)
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Tomomi Ohzone


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