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Akibatamabi21 is a space run by Tama Art University (also referred to as Tamabi) providing a platform for young artists to present their works. A space in which young artists can come together, share their vision and support each other. Through encounter with other people young artists have the opportunity to break out of one's shell, and undertake an engagement which does not rely on existing systems and authority but allows one to find independence through self-organization and production. Akibatamabi21 is a place of such discipline. This space is entrusted to young artists who pursue such a vision, a space of possibilities, a space which will witness the fruition of such potential.

Art is always the greatest embodiment of the reality of “here and now”, and it is from this point we take our lead. The now of Tokyo is our starting point and the 4 artists selected for this exhibition can be said to be an embodiment of this.(Kosai Hori)
<Selected Artists>Yuka Ohtani, Toru Kuwakubo, Ryosuke Hara, Hajime Mizutani


大谷有花|Yuka OHTANI
Born 1977, Sagamihara, Kanagawa. Graduated from Master Course of Tama Art University 2003. In 2001 she was awarded the Motone Kunio prize at the 6th Showa Shell Oil Contemporary Art Competition. In 2003 she was awarded a prize at “VOCA 2003”, held at The Ueno Royal Museum. In 2010 she received the Kinutani Koji award. Since 2009 she has been active as a promoter for her home town of Sagamihara.

"Black Book-Tree of Creation" 2009
oil on canvas
Courtesy of I.C.Arts

Described as a global metropolis, Tokyo is a city which is continuously focused upon for its efficient function. Yet also here 12,000,000 people carry out their daily lives. Amongst this mass population I hope for a society in which each person respects each other and in which we are able to share a peaceful tranquility. It is with this very feeling that the work presented here “Life Series”, was created, a call of encouragement to the lives of each individual. Even if it is not spectacular, the leading role in the story of one’s life is oneself. When viewing these works I hope that you will have an opportunity to return to these things which are clearly obvious but which we often forget. The work presented here “Life Series” is the series which was this year awarded the Kinutani Koji prize and this exhibition will be the debut of the work since receiving this award.


桑久保徹|Toru KUWAKUBO
Born 1978, Kanagawa. Graduated from the Painting Department of Tama Art University in 2002. Presented with the Tokyo Wonder Wall Award, as part of the program organized by Museum of Contemporary Art Tokyo in 2002.
Solo exhibitions include Tokyo Wonder Site, Hongo (2003),Tomio Koyama Gallery, Tokyo (2003,2008), and Gallery Hyundai, Seoul (2010). Group exhibitions include “Portrait Session”, Nadiff, Tokyo/Hiroshima City Museum of Contemporary Art, Hiroshima (2007) and “Artist File” at the National Art Center, Tokyo (2010). As of 8th August 2010 Kubota will hold a solo exhibition at Tokyo Wonder Site, Shibuya.

"Holes and the King" 2003
oil on canvas
Courtesy of Tomio Koyama Gallery

If I say I come from Japan or if I say I come from Tokyo, there is a very different connotation. Although Tokyo is of course part of Japan, I have the feeling that only the image of this city, rather than the country, is prevalent in popular imagination. Although we can cheer Tokyo as a world center, if we try the same with Japan our cheers fall rather flat. Tokyo has a particular quality that can not be found in other areas of Japan. Here new and interesting things occur daily, and if I go there I can be assured of encountering some special event. Certainly Tokyo is a great place. But because I am originally from Kanagawa Prefecture I must say “I come from Japan” or “close to Tokyo”. So it has much less impact.


原良介|Ryosuke HARA
Born 1975. Graduated Master Course of Tama Art University in 2002. Was awarded the Tokyo Wonder Wall prize in 2001. Hara’s work captures the multiplicities of time and space existing in one single phenomenon. Major exhibitions include “Tokyo Painting” (2007 Tokyo Wonder Site, Shibuya, Tokyo), “Flickering Horizon” (2008 Yuka Sasahara Gallery, Tokyo) and“project N 36 Hara Ryosuke”(2009 Tokyo Opera City Art Gallery, Tokyo), amongst various other solo and group exhibitions.

"BY A LAKE" 2007
oil on canvas
Courtesy of Yuka Sasahara Gallery

Even if you have been there it is a place you do not know,
Even if you haven’t been there it is a place that you know.
Perhaps it is something like this.
A future which has already been,
A past that never was.


水谷一|Hajime MIZUTANI
Graduated from the Master Course in Painting at Tama Art University in 2003. After receiving an achievement prize at the Kirin Art Awards in the same year, Mizutani has been actively engaged both in Japan and internationally in exhibitions and artist in residence programs. Group shows include “Eichigo-Tsumari Art Triennale 2009”, “Kitazawa Biennial” (2009) and “VOCA2010”.

"The Erect Room" 2009
charcoal, paper
Courtesy of the Artist

Tokyo is rather like Mars. This is what first came into my head when I began to think what Tokyo is. In my case, as someone brought up in the suburbs of Tokyo, Tokyo centre is not a completely difficult place to reach. Well of course I haven’t actually been to Mars. Certainly until now my awareness of Mars has been no more than wondering if I have seen it in the clear night’s sky. But when I think of Mars I think of it as both something “close” and something “far away”. But if I was asked if I would like to go there, well I wouldn’t say no. As I watched the image taken by the NASA space probe of Mars hanging in the pure black of the universe on Wikipedia, I certainly felt Tokyo is something much like this.

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