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Bambinart Gallery
We primarily host continuous exhibitions of works mainly by young artists in our gallery/art office, which is named BAMBINART GALLERY. We are planning to promote progress and development in the area of art, through introducing photo and media artists to the world in collaboration with industries and the other spaces.

Tokyo, the centre of Japan, is a city which has developed over 400 years and continues to evolve, facing many problems yet even now continuing to absorb. The present day city of 13,000,000 has a multiplicity of values, consumes daily vast amounts of information, even in exhaustion it continues to push on, something which will never change. Tokyo is a hub, a hub for Japan’s many regions, while also acting as a global hub which brings together people and cultures from all over the world, fusing, mixing and becoming yet another new culture.
Risa Kohno (b.1982, Tokyo), born and brought up in Tokyo, depicts in her work her personal utopia, where guardian angels inhabit a sparkling after-world. Yu Kimachi’s (b. 1984, Nagano) finely depicted characters have a seemingly strange existence, yet come to naturally construct the world contained within each of his works. Here is a phenomenon which can be likened to the dichotic existence of the city with its hidden layers and its exposed surfaces. (Kei Yoneyama)
<Selected Artists>Yu Kimachi, Risa Kohno


Born in Nagano in 1984. BFAs, TAMA ART UNIVERSITY. Selected exhibitions; “HitoHito”(Bambinart Gallery), “SHADOWY TALE”(gallery ni mode).

"blooming" 2008
gesso, panel, penci
Courtesy of the Artist & Bambinart Gallery

Tokyo is a city that where ever you go there is always a particular aroma. There is no space which does not exude a certain scent. When you are outside there is the smell of gas, the drains, the delicious smell coming from some shop. In the subway there is that distinctive smell of moisture, earth, drainage all mixed together, the smell of the underground. In the train is the smell of perfume and sweat, the smell of the body. In just a very small space a multitude of odors come together. In this city there is an overload of visual information, yet at the same time there is a mass of information also claiming our sense of smell.

河野里沙|Risa KOHNO
Risa Kohno/ Born in Tokyo in 1982. BFA Tokyo University of the Arts, 2007. MFA Tokyo University of the Arts, 2009. Awarded “shu uemura prize” at Art Award Tokyo Marunouchi 2009. Held her first solo exhibition at “GALLERY at lammfromm” in 2010. Kohno has also designed cosmetic products in collaboration with Shu Uemura, which will be in stores this summer.

"silent paradise in a forest" 2009
oil paint, cotton
Courtesy of the Artist & Bambinart Gallery

As someone who was born and brought up in Tokyo my image of the city is that of an exciting place where many interesting and stimulating things come together. Recently in the magazine “Vogue Nippon” I was introduced in an article entitled “Tokyo Kawaii(cute) Girl’s Art and Jewelry”, this has led me to consider the term Tokyo Kawaii (Tokyo Cute). Just by seeing something beautiful or cute is enough to lighten one’s heart. It is this “Kawaii” which I wish to see taking life through the city.

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